Mission: The philosophy of New York Education Art Center is Art changes the world, improving the process of civilization. It has humanity as the core, art as the manifestation, improving civilization as the mission, and transforming the world as the goal.

Approaches: through art education and its outreach, it raises the social awareness of civilization. It focuses on the exploration and practice of modern art  and future art, improving  knowledge of people’s on public art.

Structure: modern art as the main focus, including visual art, auditory art, and art management.

Educational Approaches: New York Education Art Center can not be compared to a traditional school for visual and auditory art production. We offer a platform for exploring and practicing art in a ‘art commune’. We aim to promote new perspectives on collaboration and exchange, production and distribution, ethics and aesthetics and bring together practitioners from all over the world.

New York Education Art Center

( New York Art School )